batman tumbler

Batman Tumbler All Batman lovers and fans must own the Metal Earth Premium Series Batman Tumbler 3D Metal Model Kit! This incredible model kit aims to recreate the legendary car from “The Dark Knight” film. Anybody who sees it will be awestruck by this amazing addition to any collection. The amount of detail in this … Read more

metal earth tool kit

metal earth tool kit Metal Earth 3-Piece Tool kit Set – Clipper – Flat Nose Pliers – Needle Nose Pliers ¬†Description: The Metal Earth 3-Piece Tool Set is a must-have for any metal model building enthusiast. The set includes three essential tools: a clipper for removing pieces from the metal sheets, flat nose pliers for … Read more

cessna floatplane

Cessna floatplane Those who are interested in entering the field of model construction will find that the Fascinations Metal Earth Cessna floatplane is an excellent option to consider. This metal model is a remarkable work of engineering marvel; it features complex details that make it a pleasure to put together and an object of admiration … Read more

Space Shuttle Launch Kit

Metal Earth Fascinations Premium Space Shuttle Launch Kit Review: A Great Addition to Your Collection If you are looking for a premium quality space shuttle model kit to add to your collection, the Metal Earth Fascinations Premium Space Shuttle is an excellent choice. This model kit is made of high-quality metal, which makes it durable … Read more

golden gate bridge

The Fascinations Metal Earth Golden Gate Bridge is a fascinating and intricate metal model kit that offers a fun and challenging building experience for enthusiasts of all ages. The kit includes high-quality, laser-cut stainless steel sheets with precise details and instructions to assemble the miniature replica of the iconic bridge. The finished product is a … Read more

space shuttle discovery of steel

Space Shuttle Discovery Version Description: The Fascinations Metal Earth Space Shuttle Discovery Version is a miniature metal model of the famous Space Shuttle Discovery, which was launched by NASA on August 30, 1984. The model is made of high-quality metal sheets that can be easily assembled without any glue or soldering. The pieces are laser-cut … Read more

USPS LLV Mail Truck

The Metal Earth USPS LLV Mail Truck is a beautifully crafted metal model that replicates the iconic delivery truck that we have all come to recognize. This model is not only a collector’s item but also a perfect gift for those who appreciate high-quality and intricate metal models. About this item: The Metal Earth USPS … Read more