Metal Earth Models: A Review

Metal Earth is a popular brand of metal model kits that have become increasingly popular among hobbyists and collectors.

The kits come in a variety of models, including famous landmarks, popular characters, and iconic vehicles. In this review, we will take a closer look at Metal Earth and its products.

History of Metal Earth

Metal Earth was founded in 2008 by a group of engineers and model enthusiasts who wanted to create a unique line of metal model kits.

The company’s mission was to create high-quality models that are both challenging to assemble and visually appealing.

Metal Earth’s models are designed with precision and accuracy, ensuring that the final product is a true-to-life representation of the original object.

Quality of Metal Earth

Models One of the standout features of Metal Earth’s models is their high level of detail. Each model is designed with intricate pieces that fit together seamlessly, creating a stunning finished product.

The models are made from thin sheets of metal that are laser-cut with precision, resulting in parts that are both accurate and easy to assemble.

In addition to their detail and accuracy, Metal Earth models are also durable and long-lasting.

The metal used in the models is high-quality, ensuring that the finished product is sturdy and able to withstand handling and display.

Ease of Assembly

While Metal Earth models are highly detailed and accurate, they can be challenging to assemble. The small pieces and intricate designs require a steady hand and patience to put together special tools are not needed but are recommended.

However, the company provides clear instructions and helpful tips to make the process as smooth as possible.

For those who enjoy a challenge and have some experience with model building, Metal Earth models are a rewarding and satisfying project.

Variety of Models

Metal Earth offers a wide range of models, including famous landmarks, popular characters, and iconic vehicles. Some of their most popular models include the Eiffel Tower, Star Wars characters, and classic cars like the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Corvette. With such a variety of models to choose from, there is something for everyone in Metal Earth’s lineup.

Price and Availability

Metal Earth models are priced competitively, with most models ranging from $10 to $20. The company’s models are widely available at hobby shops, toy stores, and online retailers, making it easy for collectors to find and purchase the models they want.


Overall, Metal Earth is a manufacturer of high-quality metal model kits that offer a unique and challenging building experience. The models are highly detailed and accurate, making them an excellent addition to any collection or display.

While they can be challenging to assemble, the satisfaction of completing a Metal Earth model is worth the effort.

With a wide variety of models to choose from and competitive pricing, Metal Earth is a great choice for hobbyists and collectors alike.